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What is ReSet Retail?

(RE)SET Retail enables companies and industry leaders around the world to join forces for a Circular Revolution towards a new model of green growth and prosperity.

Who can apply to Reset Retail?
Applicants can those with solutions that contribute to finding plastic-free alternatives for packaging. This may include Research Labs, SMEs, Startups, Corporates, etc
What does ReSet Retail program aim to achieve?
The purpose of the program is to have innovators and Retail industry leaders developing and running pilots to test and demonstrate the value of potential solutions, which can enable the reduction of plastic in packaging.
Who needs to be present? And when?
Two key members of your team are required to be present, preferably one business-oriented and one technical. Presence is required in key moments of the program, namely the Bootcamp from 23rd to 25th of September and 4th to 6th of November.
Are there any expenses covered by the program?

Yes, some costs will be covered. Specific terms will be negotiated directly with the partners, on a case-by-case basis.

Do you take equity of the participating companies?
Will you be investing in startups?
Although investment is not the main focus of the program, investment opportunities might arise.
Where will the program take place?
Paris, France.
If my solution is selected, what are the next steps?
Once the applications are closed, experts from the partner companies will be analyzing all projects. If you are selected, you will have the opportunity to team-up with complementary innovators to be invited to the Bootcamp.
What are the selection criteria?
The selection will be made by experts from different business units of the program partners, as well as Circular Economy experts. They will be evaluating your fit with their strategic priorities, the applicability of the solution and its readiness, innovation potential, and team.
What does my company have to gain specifically from this program?
The program gives you the chance to have access to a network of leading retailers, their network of suppliers. You’ll also be part of an ecosystem gathering like-minded innovators with whom you can build future partnerships. The ultimate gain is to be able to conduct hands-on pilots with the program partners, to quickly test your solution in real-life industrial conditions and get rapid market feedback on your product.
Can I apply with more than one project/companies?
Yes, as long as they are different projects.
Can I apply without creating a company profile on the F6S platform?

Yes, if you don’t have a company profile on F6S, you can apply as an individual without creating a team profile. The application form already includes all the relevant questions.

Can I end up developing several collaboration projects with different partners?
Yes, it is possible to collaborate with several partners, depending on the fit. It is also possible to collaborate with other innovators that might complement your solution.

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